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Melinda French Gates’ Stanford Commencement Speech 2024

And when you wake up tomorrow, no longer the person you were today and not yet the person you will become next, I hope you will draw courage and confidence from knowing that you, graduates, are water – the force that shapes the shore.

Ken Burns’ 2024 Brandeis University Commencement Speech

As Lincoln understood that the real threat always and still comes from within this favored land. Insist that we support science and the arts, especially the arts. They have nothing to do with the actual defense of our country; They just make our country worth defending.

Maria Ressa Harvard Commencement Speech 2024

We are standing on the rubble of the world that was, and we must have the foresight and courage to imagine – and create the world as it should be: more compassionate, more equal, more sustainable – a world safe from fascists and tyrants.

UC Berkeley’s 2024 Commencement Speech by Cynt Marshall

So you’re at center court and it’s time for tip-off. The game is about to begin. 1. Always keep good teammates. 2. Give of your time, talent and treasure. 3. Know your crystal balls from your rubber balls. 4. Do the right thing. 5. Rebound with grace; and 6. Conduct yourself like a GROWN-up — grateful, ready, open, willing and nice.

Michael Bloomberg’s MIT Commencement Speech 2019

I hope you will carry with you MIT’s tradition of taking – and making – moonshots. Be ambitious in every facet of your life. And don’t ever let something stop you because people say it’s impossible. Let those words inspire you.

Facebook Former COO Sheryl Sandberg’s MIT Commencement Speech 2018

It’s not enough to be technologists — we have to make sure that technology serves people. It’s not enough or even possible to be neutral — tools are shaped by the minds that make them and by the hands that use them. And it’s not enough to have a good idea — you have to know when to stop a bad one.

Lee C. Bollinger‘s Final Commencement Speech as University President

This has given me a mine of precious materials from which to draw, from the national to the quotidian. I love each, and I love them all together. I still do not understand all I need to, but as they intersect, I understand each better. I hope and expect you will find the same is true in your lives.

Obama’s Speech at West Point Commencement 2014

Leaving here, you carry with you the respect of your fellow citizens. You will represent a nation with history and hope on our side. Your charge, now, is not only to protect our country, but to do what is right and just. As your Commander-in-Chief, I know you will.

Obama’s Speech at West Point Commencement 2010

I have no doubt that you will have added your name to the book of history. I have no doubt that we will have prevailed in the struggles of our times. I have no doubt that your legacy will be an America that has emerged stronger, and a world that is more just, because we are Americans, and our destiny is never written for us, it is written by us, and we are ready to lead once more.

Michelle Obama’s Speech at Peking University 2014

I hope you all will keep seeking these kinds of experiences. And I hope you’ll keep teaching each other, and learning from each other, and building bonds of friendship that will enrich your lives and enrich our world for decades to come.


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